Smart Money App Scam Review

Scam Binary Options Review Smart Money App Scam review 3

Smart Money App Scam Review

Smart Money App Scam Review


We’ve been hearing a lot about this new product called Smart Money App. Although its official launch date is in April you can check it out and open an account here.

Smart Money App is an Auto Trading app which will analyze the markets and place trades on your behalf. Its taken several years of development to get it to this point and according to the beta testers, has been getting some great results.

So i decided to check it out myself.

Scam Binary Options Review Smart Money App Scam review

Up on visiting the site you are greeted with a video explaining how to get started with the Smart Money App. Once registered with the product you are automatically directed to a broker.

From here you will need to create a new broker account and fund it with a minimum of €250

Thats it!!

As soon as you fund your account the Smart Money App will get to work.

Within 10 minutes of creating my account we were trading. It Lost…..€25 down.

I thought this could be a bad sign as not many automated trading have the success rate they claim to have.

So i left it to do its thing and within 30 minutes things were looking a bit better. After a couple of successful trades we was back up to €282.

€32 profit in less than an hour wasn’t exactly what i was expecting with all the hype that i had heard from this App.


After waiting a couple of hours and receiving several emails saying i had successful trades. I checked my balance and it was up to

€428.49. Almost doubling my investment in less than 3 hours.

I will leave the software for 24 hours and will check back and see the results.


To Check out the Smart Money App follow the link and let us know how you experience is.

many people have told me its a good product and so far so good, but im always skeptical with Auto Trading as many services in the past have not lived up to all their promises.

To check out Smart Money App follow this link to register your account.

Scam Binary Options Review Smart Money App Scam review2

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