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Scam Binary Options Review - Ninja Profits

Ninja Profits Scam Review

 Is Ninja Profits A Scam?

Hey welcome to our review of Ninja Profits. We’ve been seeing Ninja Profits pop up in our spam email box several times over the past few weeks and decided to have a quick look. The name really doesn’t give me a good feeling, that they are a reliable company. Ninja’s are remount for vanishing without a trace in a puff of smoke, and we have a feeling this product will too, along with your money.

Scam Binary Options Review - Ninja Profits

The new binary options auto trading system claims to make you over 700% profit on your investment, placing an average of 237 trades per day with a 98% win rate.


The welcome video explains you have discovered a new secret trading formula, which is making ridiculous amounts of money for its traders, every day.

These kind of videos you have seen before, we got bored and entered our test email.

Scam Binary Options Review - Ninja Profits


What Do You Get?

Ninja Profits is fairly limited in terms of features. No options available for us to check out any charts or live rates in the software. The software layout is very simple, and easy to navigate around. But once you have done the tour once, there is nothing much to it.

We was directed to a broker automatically, our broker this time was One Two Trade. A broker platform using the Spot-Option template. So most experienced traders will be familiar, and most novice trade will find its simplicity a breeze to learn.


What We Like

Ninja Profits looks like a unique trading platform, or at least one we are not familiar with yet. It looks super easy to use, with very limited customization settings. Simply click the amount you want to invest into each trade, activate auto trade and sit back, and let the software do all the hard work for you.


What We Don’t Like

It looks cheap. OK, that doesn’t mean it’s a scam, we have seen really good looking product turn out to be nothing more than money burning time wasters. But a little glitter here and there would make it look a bit better.

The name is really bad too. I mean, if they really want to be taken seriously then they may want to reconsider.

Ninja Profits’ limited control, means you have to depend on the software to trade on the right assets at the right time.

Scam Binary Options Review - Ninja Profits

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for Auto Trade software, then there are multiple better options out there for you. Option Robot for

Scam Binary Options Review - Ninja Profits

example, offers more control I’ve ever seen available on an auto trade system before.


Any type of auto trading system is extremely high risk, as you will not be in control of the trades its placing.

So, for people who would like to hold on to their money a little tighter, then have a look at the 10 Day Social Profit, a fantastic quick fire manual trade system, which really can keep you on the edge of your seat.


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