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Millionaires Club Scam Review

Is Millionaires Club a scam?


Welcome to our review of Millionaires Club. Is Millionaires Club a scam?…

The first thing that you are hit with is a banner that states that 38 club members have earned a total profit of $56,607 in the last hour.


First Impressions


There is the typical scammy video of fancy cars, a yacht an airoplane and a huge bank account.


According to Richard Brown, this system is completely like no other. He says it has nothing to do with Forex, Binary Options or penny stocks etc. He tells us not to share this with anyone as it is only for the ´Elite´ club members and there is only 10 Millionaires Club Reivew Richard Brownspots available to get involved completely free and that these spots will be taken in minutes. Apparently Richard ´who the more i watch him the more he looks frighteningly like Curnel Sanders, i´m finding myself craving a KFC´, tells us that he earns $100,000 per week, he shows his bank statement showing this amount being withdrawn weekly, however he doesn´t seem to be spending anything, surely if you was earning $100,000 per week your bank statement would also show transactions of money that you have spent?!? He also show´s us an email from a trader from one the biggest banks in the world asking to get involved, which apparently he has declined. He also shows us an email from his broker congratulating him on his first million.


He then shows us a broker account that he signed up with through the software, which is GT Options as apparently this system was built around this particular broker, he says that he deposited $250 into this account at the start of the video and has just let it do it´s thing, he shows us that the account balance is now up to over $4,000 using the automated system. It also shows a banner that scrolls across the bottom of the page showing names of people that have ‘just’ earned anything from $200 to over $2000 profit.


He then goes on telling us that this system is completely free and try´s to lull us into a false sense of security about ´paying it forward’, even going as far as showing us yet another email, this time from his chosen charity thanking him for his donation of $50,000. He urges us to ‘pay it forward’ and asks that when we hit our first million that we donate $50,000 to a charity of our choice.

Millionaires Club Reivew Security

The Millionaires Club Software


After entering my details, it takes me to the broker page where I need to deposit $250, so not as ‘free as he said’, Into the broker account which is Banc de Binary, Not GT Options that the system was apparently built around.


Down the left hand side of the software there is a list of most recommended signals, you can choose from currencies, commodities, indices and stocks.

You have the option to trade these manually as the software will alert you as to what you should be trading. There is a live chart that finds the right trades and will place them for you. Also present is 2 boxes with your trade history and live trades, that’s pretty much all that you get with this software.

Millionaires Club Reivew Testimonial

Summary Millionaires Club Results


To be honest this has all the tell tale signs of a scammy product. In conclusion of my Millionaire Club Scam review, I would have to say that I don’t like it, the promise of you becoming a millionaire by the end of the year just screams scam to me. It isn’t something that I am willing to risk my money on.






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