Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review

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Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review

Is Lie Detector Millionaire a scam?

Welcome to our Lie Detector Millionaire scam review, We wasn’t sure if the introduction was making a mockery of the usual videos you get with these apps, or not.

It starts off like an episode of C.S.I, with a man being tested by a lie detector machine. Daniel Wilckins, the so-called creator of Lie Detector Millionaire goes on to answer some questions, in a dark, smokey room, Before long I was feeling the urge to jump up and point and scream, “It was him, It was HIM! He did it! “

Lie Detector Millionaire

Daniel then jumps into his brand new Range Rover and pulls up outside a mansion. Winds down the window, and spouts a load of crap about how he “hates product videos showing fancy cars and houses” Honestly, is ridiculous to the point I thought it was a joke.


The layout of the landing pages looks very similar to other trading platforms we have reviewed recently including Drexel Code, Triana Soft and Amissio Formula.

Funnily enough the trading platforms for all look the same too.


First Impression

Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam. This is the first and final thought that went through my head. The trading platform is identical to several different scams out at the moment, which we were lucky enough to pick up on before funding.

This particular template was also used recently on the Drexel Code, another scam we reviewed recently. Drexel Code changed to this template from the same one Triana Soft and Amissio Formula are currently using. These templates have popped up multiple times before, and make it quite easy to identify the scammy products out there.

 Lie Detector Millionaire Jonas Kane

What Does Lie Detector Millionaire Do?

Lie Detector Millionaire is and Auto Trading binary options trading platform.

Traders are given the choice of trading $25, $50, $75 for beginners, or if you are feeling flush you can increase the trade amount up to $100 to $250, or even more.

You can toggle between Active and Deactivate for auto trade which is a handy feature to use during volatile moments in the markets.

That’s about it.



Final Thoughts

We wont be funding an account through this trading platform. Lie Detector Millionaire’s features are very limited, compared to other products available today. For example Option Robot is a unique trading platform offering traders fantastic control for an auto trading platform.


Lie Detector Millionaire seems to me another binary options scam preying on new traders with limited experience. Our advice would be to get as much education as possible instead of relying on people or pieces of software to do it for you. Ultimately this gives you limited control over your investment and therefore limited control of your money.


Lie Detector Millionaire Make Money
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Finding a decent trading platform is difficult, and whos to say its going to last forever even if you do find a trading platform that makes money for you without having much interaction. It could close its doors and you find yourself back to square one, looking for a good new platform. Coming across scams just like Lie Detector Millionaire on the way.

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