Instant Cash App Scam

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Instant Cash App Scam Review

Is Instant Cash App a scam?

Welcome to our review of Instant Cash App. Instant Cash App was developed by Mark Davis, who promises us a profit of $2,000 per day.


First Impression

Mark Davis tells us that he releases this software once a year to the general public and can only accept 50 new members each year, this immediately rings alarm bells as he is trying to pressure you into getting involved. He says that last year all 50 spots were taken within minutes and all 50 members earned the $2,000 per day profit……further pressure!!

He goes on to urge you to imagine waking up to $2,000 per day, every day in your account. Now I could be reading into this wrong but he does say that you will earn this profit every single day and as far as I am aware there are no markets open on the weekend so this cannot be true. He then shows a typical, albeit brief, scammy video of buying a new home and brand new car.

He tells us that the Instant Cash App taps into a technicality that allows it to exploit a glitch that is caused by time difference between 5 major economic superpowers and it will guarantee to make you $2,000 profit every day. He claims that the software will pick up on the lag in time difference and says that this software sees this before anyone else and will place your trade automatically, guaranteeing a profit every single day.

He says that he and 2 of his friends, who helped him develop the Instant Cash App decided to offer this software for free to help people reach financial freedom, however they can only take 50 members per year so that the software remains effective.

He tells us to enter our details to see if there any spaces available and surprise surprise, there are!!! It automatically takes us to a broker which is Secured Options. Mark Davis is in a pop up box who tells us that our spot is available, however to secure it we must fund the broker account to secure it. He says that if we get involved right now, their personal broker Simon Shaw will set up everything for you.

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The Software

Now unfortunately you do not get to see the software at all as you cannot get rid of the broker page without funding it, this immediately makes me even more skeptical as you are expected to invest into something that you cannot even see.

All that we really know about the Instant Cash App is that is 100% automatic and will place trades when an apparent glitch takes place between countries time differences, and we are expected to take his word on this as he doesn´t show it in action.

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I would have to say that I do not like the Instant Cash App one tiny bit. Mark Davis continuously tells us that there are only 50 spaces available and they will be gone within minutes which is really odd considering I had a look at this software last week and guess what?!?… It´s still available. So you have the typical pressure to get involved right now or you will miss out rubbish all wrapped up with false promises and no proof to back it up. STAY AWAY!!

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