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Is Virtual Income a scam?

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Welcome to my Virtual Income scam review. Is Virtual Income a scam? Virtual Income has a good looking home page which offers testimonials and images of peoples broker account with incredible figures in them. But there are several things that don’t quite sit well with me.


Firstly, the second you move your cursor near the address bar, a pop up asks me if I’m sure I want to leave, and its very difficult to get rid of this pop up unless you fill out the sign up form. I found the “No Thanks” button only after going full screen as the bottom was blocked.

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Next up, the video. There’s always a sh**ty video.

Some chap in a nice looking office who doesn’t even introduce himself goes on to tell you about how incredible Virtual Income is, and how much profit its clients receive on a daily basis. Blah blah…..

So, not off to the best start.

Virtual Income Stats

The Virtual Income homepage looks well laid out and compared to many other sites we’ve seen looks very professional.

Offering 24/7 live chat support in case you need help, although the software claims no experience is necessary to profit.


Virtual Income took over 3,100 hours to build and so far has well over 192,000 successful trades for over 12,000 Virtual Income users. The testimonials for Virtual Income all seem to be earning around $2000 profit a day. Although I assume the website have identified my location and coincidently one of the testimonials was not to far away from me, won a nice sum of money.


Looking further down I see that Virtual Income is compatible with mobile devices, but an App would have been better, as this would give users the impression the company was thinking of the long run instead of here today, gone tomorrow, like so many others.

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What Do You Get?

So signing up with Virtual Income I was automatically assigned a broker, in this case BinaryBook, an unregulated broker I have never used before.

BinaryBook looked like your average Spot Options platform broker, nothing really stood out as suspicious here.


The Virtual Income software looks well laid out and simple to navigate around. A menu bar down the side lets me select between the Dashboard, Positions Account Details.

There is a guided tour too, but that just directs you to the introduction video again.

Virtual Income Dashboard

Virtual Income Features

Not much really. Virtual Income’s features are very basic. Which really doesn’t sit well for me.

You are limited to your trade amount, and an activation switch for activating the auto trade feature. That’s it! Unless there is more unlocked after ive deposited, but I didn’t get that far.

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Final Thoughts


I would have liked the options to control how many trades the software will make at any one time, or over the space of the day. I also would prefer to have more control on the assets im trading with. A lot of other platforms will allow you to activate and deactivate certain currency pairs to allow you to avoid volatile markets or focus on certain currencies during high impact market events.


Not one for me, nowhere near enough control for my liking. Might be more suited to a novice trader who doesn’t want too many options to get swamped down with.

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If you fancy a look yourself, then Click Here To Access, we hope you enjoyed our Virtual Income scam review, trade safe!



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