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Welcome to my TrendXpert review.

TrendXpert Is a manual binary options trading application bought to us by OptionXpert, formerly known as OptionXE.

OptionXpert have firmly established themselves in the binary options industry for the past 3 years as one of the leading providers of binary options signals and training.

With 2 trading platforms available and live training sessions hosted 2 times a day, 5 days a week. Its not hard to see why they are so popular.TrendXpert Layout


Ultimately the software its self, is a trend indicating, market analysis and trading platform all in one box. Packed with some other really cool features to help you along the way, Including, Economic trading events calendar, Daily Trader Insight videos. Customizable charts, Stock market opening/close alert system

The platform also offers 3 different sets of signals, each very different.


TrendXpert has 5 major features, creating new broker accounts within the software, unlocks new features.


  1. Live Trend Indicating Signals TrendXpert Software

    TrendXpert constantly monitors for a specific amount of movement within a set time. Trend Signals are generated automatically by the software to help identify changes in market activity, and help to identify trends in the markets as they emerge.



  1. News Signals

    These are based on key economic events. They will identify a trading opportunity based on market movement, as a result of key market data being released throughout the calendar month. OptionXpert send the Push Signals directly from their trading department throughout the day.



  1. Live Copy Signals 

    TrendXpert Software and webinars

    TrendXpert’s third set of signals, are sent directly from OptionXpert’s Live Webinar Training Course’s hosted by Ben Newman. All trades placed during Live Webinars are also sent out as a signal for you to follow.


  1. SMS Service

    Never miss an opportunity and receive Push and Live Copy signals directly to your mobile/cell phone as a TXT message.


  1. Copy Settings

    This feature affects the Live Trend Indicating Signals. Instantly update and configure your software to copy the “user setting” configuration in the trading department at OptionXpert.


  1. Add Your Own Broker TrendXpert webinars

    TrendXpert can support you existing broker accounts, but to unlock this feature you must first open new broker accounts within the software, or purchase the software outright.




What TrendXpert doesn’t do!

TrendXpert does not predict the future. OptionXpert doesn’t claim it to be a crystal ball, which will make you a millionaire in weeks. These systems simply don’t exist.TrendXpert Feature 123


What does TrendXpert do?


TrendXpert monitors 15 of the major currency pairs traded in binary options.

Traders can customize how sensitive the software is, so you can really focus on particular market activity.

This really helps when you combine the economic news and calendar within the software, which help you identify trading opportunities throughout the day.TrendXpert feature 456


TrendXpert Method

Anybody familiar with the Optionbot and Optionbot 2.0 will also be familiar with the “Spreading Method”.


This trading strategy uses multiple brokers at the same time, splitting your investment instead of 1 single trade for lets say $100.

Placing a single large trade like this can be extremely risky. If the trade expires even 1 PIP out side of your strike point, you have lost!

You would be surprised how many times this happens, even to experienced traders.


Instead, Spreading requires you to place 5 trades of $20 over 5 different brokers. All with the same Expiry, but as you place each trade, one, by one, you create different strike points, giving yourself a much wider “ITM Zone”.

Markets can fluctuate very quickly, so placing your trades like this creates a “safety net” if you hit a fluctuation on the expiry time.



Live Training Course’s64236_160x600


OptionXpert offer training courses helping traders of all levels of experience achieve their trading goals. Whether you are looking to earn a little extra cash on the side, or turning binary options trading a full time job. It’s likely that you may need some help along the way.


OptionXpert offer 2 options when it comes to training.


Live Daily Webinar Training

Hosted twice a day 5 days a week, Ben Newman trades live using the TrendXpert platform and implementing the spreading method.

At the same time giving a detailed explanation of what economic events or news has led him to place the trade.

People taking part in the live trading session can replicate Ben Newman’s trades and benefit from his results.

OptionXpert Webinars are also interactive so people taking part can ask any questions that may pop up during the training, this can be helpful as you can often pick up information you hadn’t thought about before.

During Live Webinars, Ben Newman trades with his own money, and unless he sees an opportunity to make money himself, he won’t trade! The markets don’t always give you a chance to trade without huge risk, in these cases, its much better to walk away and come back when the markets are giving you better opportunities.


1-2-1 Training Course’s


OptionXpert 1-2-1 training courses are set up to progress as you gain experience. Remote access programs, allow them to control your mouse and see your screen whilst talking you through everything on the phone or Skype.


Pretty much the best next thing to being in the same room as them.


Intern Training Course,

This Course will teach you how to identify trends using the software and place effective trades. This is set up specifically for new traders looking to make a bit of money on the side.


Graduate Training Course,

Contains everything the Intern Package does but also teach you how to source market information from out side the software and convert that information into trading opportunities.

This package is aimed more at people looking to trade binary options full time.


Enterprise Training Package

This package is a “business in a box”. Once you have completed the Intern or Graduate course you get the opportunity to visit the training department in Spain and find out how OptionXpert tick as a company. Once you are finished on the Enterprise course you will have everything you need to set up a training service just like OptionXpert.TrendXpert app


Final Thoughts

The purpose of this TrendXpert review was to highlight a company like OptionXpert for the efforts made to help people success trading binary options TrendXpert is definitely worth a look at. Although on the pricey side for the full software and training package it’s worth every penny for the support they provide to their clients and the results they get consistently.


There are cheaper options out there, but after you have funded several cheaper options and realized they are not worth the money, you will soon wish you had used that money to invest into your knowledge with OptionXpert.


Check Out The Software Here


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