Standard Oil Survey Scam Review

SBOR Standard Oil Survey

Standard Oil Survey Scam Review

Is Standard Oil Survey a scam?


SBOR Standard Oil Survey

Standard Oil System is a new binary options trading system, created by several of the largest oil companies in the world, including BP and ExxonMobil. The software focus’s mainly on, you guessed it, OIL! Using global oil prices to determine if a certain currency will gain value over another.

As you probably know, when the price of oil changes, prices fluctuate in many different sectors. This is where the Standard Oil Survey system comes in.

Using the information gathered by oil prices around the world, it can determine what currency pairs are going to be effected by them, and will use this information to automatically trade for you using a binary options broker.SBOR Standard Oil Survey


The welcome video is presented by a person called David Chan. He is the lead project administrator for the 2016 Standard Oil Survey, which is a Non-Profit organization that performs market research for some very big companies around the world.


How many new binary options apps, and pieces of software have you come across so far, which claim they will make you rich over night?

We saw 3 in 1 day last week, all with “Millionaire” in the title. Don’t get me wrong, you can have days when you will make a few thousand dollars, but its unlikely you will make that much money unless you are prepared to invest higher amounts. Especially with anything with “Millionaire” in the title.


David Chan explains that this software is NOT going to make you a millionaire, and you shouldn’t be thinking about quitting your job, just yet. Which is nice to hear for a change.

David then explains that, although it wont make you rich over night, you can earn small amounts consistently, which, over time, can build up to a nice income.


What Does Standard Oil Survey Do?

The SOS system uses what is called, Oil Markers, and has been specifically designed to analyze and calculate these oil markers for you automatically. Taking all the hard work out it, so that the software is profitable and simple to use.

David explains a bit more about Oil Markers, in the video, so check it out here for more info.


What We LikeSBOR Standard Oil Survey

The Standard Oil Survey system is very easy to set up and use. The SOS system offers automated trading and manual trading signals, and the ability to adjust the amount you want to invest from $25 up to $500. Good choice of manual trading signals is also available across multiple assets.



There are so many different binary options auto trade systems available, and to be honest around 80% are probably scams, maybe more. They are released daily and usually are the same scam, using a different name.

Using an established company or a regulated broker is always the safest option, even if it does seem like the more expensive option. Investing in knowledge is much better in expecting an app or someone else to trade for you, as you simply have no control, and they have no emotional attachment to the money they invest on your behalf.


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SBOR Standard Oil Survey


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