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Is Safe Income a scam?

Welcome to our review of Safe Income. Safe Income is a software that is brought to us by Albert J Henderson who says he has been making money with this system for over a decade, and decided to open it to the general public in 2016

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First Impressions

The website is laid out quite nicely. You’re not immediately hit with the usual scammy video of fast cars and mansions which is a refreshing change. Safe Income promises to generate profits of between $500 and $1000 in daily incomes. He does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight, he even goes as far as to say that if it is a ´get rich quick scheme´ that you are looking for then walk way. It does show screen shots of other peoples bank accounts with the profit earned, however the figure are not ridiculous, unrealistic amounts.Safe Income Features

You don´t need to have any previous experience or training to get involved as you can turn on the auto trade feature and the software will place the trades for you. It does allow you to place the trades manually and will provide signals that are generated for you, either way you are promised a 9 out of 10 success rate.

The software is free for 30 days, after this Safe Income will take 5% of your earnings as commission.

After entering my initial details, it takes me to David Collins who is the Partner of Albert J Henderson and co founder of Safe Income. David tells us that we now need to fund our broker account, the brokers that they have chosen to work with then have been hand picked based on their performance and honesty. He tells us that we will only need to make the 1 investment as we can then live on the profit and will get our initial investment back within the first few days. He also tells us that they are there to support us via telephone or email, which is good.

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The Software

The software is shown to us on the second page, after entering our initial details.

It has an option to trade manually using the signals that the software will provide or you can see the software to automatic and let the software trade for you. You can choose the amount that you want to trade with, it even has a risk slider, so that you can choose the amount of risk that you want to take.

The software is available world wide and is U.S welcome

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The software is extremely user friendly and looks good. I like the fact that they are not promising a get rich quick scheme.

There is no scammy videos that we see all too often of mansions and sports cars all with the promise of making you a millionaire.

I also like the idea that after the initial 30 days free that they will take a 5% commission from their earnings as this means if you are not earning a profit neither are they. They are also contactable via telephone or email if you need any support.

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