Optionbot 3.0 Scam Review

Optionbot 3.0 Scam ReviewOptionbot 3.0

Is Optionbot 3.0 a Scam? Definitely NOT! We looked at the new trading platform Optionbot 3.0 and have been blown away by the results so far. A brand new binary options trading system brought to us by Keith Wearing. Optionbot 3.0 is the third instalment of the world’s first fully independent trend indicator. The updated Optionbot system offers even more accuracy and quicker response times, allowing you to execute trades immediately. This helps avoid the 2 or 3 second delay usually present in other trading apps. Ive been a fan of the Optionbot systems since 2013, and cannot wait for this next instalment which will focus more on 60 second trading. Although the previous Optionbot systems did get fantastic results, the strategies focused mainly on longer expiry times. This was partly down to the charts available within the software. Optionbot 1.0 and Optionbot 2.0 both have a historical chart, which updated every 60 seconds. Although a very good chart on its own merit, it just wasn’t ideal for 60 second trading, as in-between each update on the Optionbot charts, we would miss quite a lot of action, which ultimately could affect the results

The brand new Optionbot 3.0 has been designed to focus mainly on 60 second trading with its live charts and brand new algorithm, coupled with OptionBot´s Trend Alert system makes for an extremely effective tool.

Optionbot 3.0 Trend Indicator Scam Binary Options Review

What is new with Optionbot 3.0

All previous Optionbot systems have strictly been Trend Indicators. Which means they never provided signals. Instead they taught you how to identify trends emerging in the markets, based on economic news and events. Which would then give you, an opportunity to follow the trends and place trades.

OptionBot 3.0´s new algorithm identifies resistance and support markers and gives a signal to tell you when to trade using its Trade Sniper feature. The recommended signals got me around 80% success rate which I was very happy with.

Trading manually is where the Optionbot 3.0 comes in to its own and so far I am still over 90% ITM, this is down to a simple strategy I have implemented with the software. The strategy is as follows,

How To Use Optionbot 3.0

Identify a currency pair which you can clearly see a strong trend emerging. By this I mean an almost diagonal line heading in pretty much one direction only over a sustained period of time, give or take a few fluctuations along the way. Something like the image to your right.Optionbot 3.0, Optionbot Pro

As you can see that this market seems to be only going in one direction, which means we can try and follow it. Load up the currency pair in Optionbot 3.0 and the chart starts moving as the markets fluctuate. As the charts follow the trend, it can be very tempting to place a trade as the charts are following the trend. The trick is to wait for a fluctuation in the opposite direction. After a few seconds of the trend fluctuating in the opposite direction, it is likely to shoot back up again. HERE is where you place your trade, just as the market turns.

Or you can select the 60 Second Sniper signals at the bottom of the charts as they flash red, this means the optiobnbot has identified support or resistance on a perticular asset, and is the ideal time to trade.

Optionbot Pro

Optionbot 3.0 works as a standalone trading system which can be activated with a single broker deposit. You will need to deposit in to a broker to get access to the system. This will get you access to the live charts and the 60 second sniper signals. To get the most out of the software I would recommend upgrading to Optionbot Pro, which includes the Trend Indicator which they are famous for.

Optionbot Pro´s trend indicator will monitor the markets and identify when an asset has moved a certain amount over a period of time. These parameters can be set in the user settings giving you unrivalled control of the information available to you. Optionbot Pro also has a an economic calander to help you keep track of major economic events. This helps to identify when you should be trading throughout the day. Using Optionbot 3.0 live charts along side the trend alerts and the 24 hour view in Optionbot Pro really helps to get a good idea of what is currently happening in the markets.Optionbot 3.0, 60 Second Sniper Trade


Final Thoughts

Optionbot 3.0 has so far blown my expectations out of the water, a perfect merge of two fantastic trading platforms make the Optionbot Pro and Optionbot 3.0 easily the best binary options software available.


Free Optionbot 3.0 Training Sessions

I’m so happy with the Optionbot 3.0 platform that im confident I can help you make money. So if you would like me to give you a 1-2-1 training session where I can help you identify trends and how to execute trades successfully then follow this link and email me with your contact details or add me on Skype

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