Optionbot 2.0 Scam Review

Optionbot 2.0 Scam Review

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Optionbot 2.0 Scam Review

Is Optionbot 2.0 a scam?

Optionbot 2.0 is a binary options trend indicator and was launched in 2013 by London based OptionXE and was designed by Gary Davies.

OptionXE originally launched Optionbot (1) in 2012 as the worlds first independent trend indicator focusing only on Binary Options trading.

Although they were pioneers in the industry at the time several different trend indicators copied the idea. The application was at the time a downloadable piece of software, which meant you were restricted to using it on one system.


Upon the release of Optionbot 2.0 in 2013,the software developers improved the accuracy of their software and made it more accessible by making it a web based application, meaning you can access your accounts on any mobile or internet device.

OptionXE also included a support team lead by Ben Newman whose main focus is to educate their clients on how to trade more effectively using simple low risk strategies in key market condition.


Optionbot 2.0 has also improved its services recently by switching to the XE Trader platform that in theory will produce more accurate movements much quicker. So although it’s called Optionbot 2.0 its more like Optionbot 3.0



What does it do?

Optionbot 2.0 (3.0) is a binary options trend indicator. Meaning it will alert you to any movements in the markets, as and when they happen. The Optionbot 2.0 software is constantly monitoring 15 major currency pairs at any given moment.

You can customize the Optionbot 2.0 software and focus on certain currency pairs, setting the software to alert you whenever a certain amount of movement in any direction is made, within a set amount of time.


How does it work?

You are in control of 100% of your investments! You control the entry time, the expiry time and the amount you want to trade.

Using a trading technique called the Spreading Method, Optionbot 2.0 traders place multiple trades on the same assets with the same expiry times across multiple broker accounts.

Instead of placing 1 large trade for say…$100, you make 5 smaller $20 trades across 5 broker accounts. Giving you 5 chances of winning instead of risking a big wedge at once.

As you place multiple trades across the brokers, each trade enters in a different position as the market fluctuates and all end at the same time. These different entry points or “strike line” reduce the risk in the more volatile markets. Multiple trades mean multiple payouts.

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Optionbot 2.0 offers various different levels of training and support from live daily webinars to 1-2-1 dedicated coaching. Traders of all abilities and experience will be able to benefit from Optionbot 2.0 training courses ranging from

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Intern Training – This is aimed at the more novice traders who haven’t had much experience with binary options trading or don’t have time to research the economy and markets to source the information to trade with.

ScamBinaryOptionsReview Graduate

Graduate Training – Set up for traders with more experience. Focusing on market analysis, researching global economy figures and converting this information to make low risk calculated trades, consistently

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Enterprise Training – Ever fancied a career in binary options??

OptionXE offer a fantastic opportunity to own and market your own business.

Yes YOU are the boss!! OptionXE will teach you every thing you need to know and give you all the tools you need to do it with, along with guided support every step of the way.

OptionXE’s directors Keith Wearing and Ben Newman run Enterprise training. Included in the course is a weeks intensive marketing training session in their Malaga, Spain training center.

Ben Newman also records daily trader insights with his analysis of the markets and tips on how you can take advantage as a trader using Optionbot 2.0.

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Contact the customer support to find out how to get access to the many Optionbot 2.0 training options.



Optionbot 2.0 support is probably the best you will find in the binary options industry at the moment. You can contact them either by phone, email and live chat support.ScamBinaryOptionsReview Optionxe smart

Their trading support office is based in Europe and they currently do not run a 24-hour operation, although they are very quick to respond to a message and will contact you at a convenient time for you.



Get A Free OptionXE Smart Watch

Final Thoughts

Optionbot 2.0 and the support they offer is second to none. I have used this system for at least a year now and have consistently made profit. You will need to use your head a bit, it is not a simple “Simon Says..” software which is going to give you an instructions to place trades. Its not going to predict the future for you and it is not a crystal ball.

A little trend analysis and common sense is all that is needed to see profits with Optionbot 2.0, this, and lots of discipline.

If you don’t see a clear opportunity in the markets to place a trade, then don’t. Unless you like living life on the edge, you will find much more consistent results by identifying good trends and taking advantage.


For more information visit the link below or fill out the sign up form and speak to Optionbot 2.0 fantastic support team and see what they can do for you today.

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