NEO2 Software Review

Scam Binary Options Review

NEO2 Software Review

Is NEO2 A Scam?


Hey Guys , welcome to our NEO2 software review. We were so exited to hear about this product this morning. As one of the most popular trading mentors Michael Freeman has had a part in the development of the software.

Some of you will already know of Michael Freeman, but for those who have not, he has one of the biggest YouTube channels for trading binary options.

NEO2 software analyzes weather predictions and trading algorithms, to identify trading opportunity. The software uses sophisticated satellite to predict weather changes, which affect commodity trading, which they claim is an absolute game changer.


Dr. Jack Piers is the CEO and Co-founder of the NEO2 software. Jack, a weather enthusiast was interested in long range weather systems and climate forecast, and in turn its effect on the economy. While working for NOAA (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration) he developed a program to monitor and track weather activity and its impact on earth.


Michael Freeman saw this as a great opportunity to apply it to trading algorithms and use the data for trading binary options.

Together, over the past couple of months, they have developed what could be a truly excellent piece of software.

Scam Binary Options Review

What Does It Do?

NEO2 is 100% automated trading. To get the software working for you, you simply connect it to the satellites in space and then activate the auto trade feature. Click Start and you are done.

The software will then communicate with the weather satellites in space, do some magic algorithmic stuff and boom! It starts trading for you.


You don’t need any previous experience, or any need to look out the window to check if its raining. The software does it al for you. Just sit back and watch the money roll in.



We like the idea of using weather to predict effects on certain stocks, for example, farming can be affected drastically with wet or dry weather. Natural disaster’s caused by bad weather can also have a massive affect on the markets.

Michael Freeman’s involvement in the project also earns a few more trust points from SBOR, as we know he wouldn’t put his name on something he would consider a scam.

The software itself is extremely simple to use and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Scam Binary Options Review

What We Don’t Like About NEO2

We have got to be honest and say, at this point, we can’t find anything we don’t like enough to moan about, although at this point Live support is not available. Hopefully this can be added later. Although the software really is that simple, there really wouldn’t be much need for live support.

Final Thought.

NEO2 looks very promising. It is already getting positive attention from major blog sites like OptionXpert and BinaryWatchdog. Its super simple user interface means anyone can start trading with NEO2 within minutes of registering an account. There is no learning curve or any previous trade experience needed. You click 3 buttons and you are ready to start making money with NEO2


Why not check it out yourself, Click Here

Scam Binary Options Review


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