Mike’s Autotrader Scam Review

Mike’s Auto Trader Scam Review

Mikes Auto Trader Scam Review

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Mikes Auto trader is, as you would imagine a 100% hands free trading application.

It is the number 1 auto trading application on the market at the moment and is the product of Michael Freeman, a serial blogger 160x600and a huge name and influence in the binary options worlds.


I heard so many good things about Mikes Auto Traders when it was originally released mid to late 2014. At the time Mikes Signals was a very popular signal provider and with the release of the auto app it seemed Michael had taken over the industry.

As the app grew its results started to slip. This was due to a latency issue he explained on his blog, and that he would rather pull the plug before it lost all his clients money.


Since then the software has been upgraded and eliminated many of the latency issues he had before.


I was eager to get set up with this software as by the time I got to try it last time it had been pulled.


Once I got on the home page I was welcomed by a introduction to the software from Michael Freeman himself. He explains how the software will place trades on your behalf and that you can make a lot of money using this app.


Upon registering for the software I was directed to Banc De Binary and with a minimum deposit of €250 I have access to the software.

Banc de Binary are a broker I have used before and im happy to set up a new account with them. You can check out our full review on Banc de Binary here.


There are no downloads or waiting for a link to get access to Mikes Auto Trader. As soon as I deposited, the software was active and it was ready to start placing trades for me.


Now, Michael Freeman has been involved with binary options for several years and has got himself a huge following on youtube as a trusted binary options advisor.

He also runs his own website.


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If this product was a scam id be very surprised given the huge following he has, and it would simply smash his reputation in the binary options industry.

His signal service has been very popular in the past so I see this app as being the one to watch out for at the moment.

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Were always interested in other peoples experience with any of the products we have reviewed. If you have had an experience with Mikes Auto Trader, good or bad, then we want to hear from you.

I will update the review in 7 days and see if there has been any progress.

For now if you wish to join up and see for your self then check out the links below.

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