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IMarket Academy / IMA Signals Review


The Wall Street Lifestyle


Hey guys, welcome to our IMarket Academy review.

IMA Signals and IMarket Academy are 2 new trading platforms released in April 2016. Turns out they are the same group.

We first looked at a product called The Wall Street Lifestyle, a new binary options software promising to make its users turn a $250 investment into $1000 within minutes, and continue to do this every day.

Once signed up to The Wall St Lifestyle app, we were directed towards a very basic trading platform with a logo for IMA Signals in the top right hand corner.


IMA Signals App Scam Binary Option Review IMA Signals

The Wall St Lifestyle app its self was cheap looking and really didnt offer much control or insight on what you was trading on.

A list of current lives rates are available covering most major currency pairs and stocks like Facebook, Coca-Cola and Apple, Also available were commodities like Oil and Gold.


According to the video, IMA Signals or The Wall St Lifestyle app update their signals on the hour, every hour (GMT). And signals should be acted upon within 5 minutes of receiving the signal in order to get the correct strike rate.Scam Binary Option Review IMA SIGNAL FEATURES


IMarket Academy


A few days after we reviewed the IMA Signal app, we came across IMarket Academy.

IMarket Academy is promoted as a support/training group who can guide you through trading and can convert a $250 investment to $1,583 every 15 minutes. Yup that’s right, 15 minutes.

A live trading simulator for training is available, as is their support “Guru” predictions for end of day trading. Plus free training EBooks, videos and more.

Scam Binary Option Review IMA Training Course

What We Like

They are not doing a lot to hide the fact it’s the same company. Identical company logos on both products are available. The both look very similar, the color theme were identical, only the lay out was slightly different.

Both platforms, or websites showed the same information when we compared the current live rates or signals. Which for us was a good sign.

Scam Binary Option Review Learn To Trade IMA Signal

What We Don’t Like

It looks cheap. This don’t mean it’s a scam, but I would feel better with just a bit more to the software. Ok, we are not considering the support and features unlocked once the account is funded But from a first impressions point of view, you don’t seem to get much info from the website. No charts available to reference the signals, so you really just have to take their word.

One other thing that really did not sit well with us, is the fact they used stock images from Google for their testimonials. All 3 that were tested from their homepage all linked to free stock images available for anybody to use as they wish online.

Now, this happens often, and is understandable to a certain degree. If you was earning $1,583 every 15 minutes, would you really want your face exposed? Im not sure I would.

IMarket Scam Binary Options Review


Final Thoughts

We feel the support could be good, but as far as the website and trading platform goes it really doesn’t look like something I would invest into. Personally I like a little bit more control over what I trade.


There are several other options for training courses available, which have been well established in the industry and has a reputation for delivering top quality service. If you would like more information about this, then you can read more here.


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