Crunch Tech Scam Review

Crunch Tech Scam Review

 Crunch Tech Scam Review - Scam Binary Options Review

What Is Crunch Tech?

Crunch Tech Honest Review

Hey guys, welcome to our review of a brand new binary options trading platform called Crunch Tech.

Over the past few weeks, there has not been many new software or Apps, which we thought was worth investing into. So many scams using identical templates are going around at the moment its unreal.


Crunch Tech Scam Review - Scam Binary Options Review

We discovered the Crunch Tech App online this week and set up an account over the weekend. So far we have really liked what we have seen.

The homepage does not put pressure on you to react quickly, or interfering pop-ups every time you go close to the edge of the screen.

No fake testimonial videos or fake social media comments. Just a well produced, informative video which actually explains exactly what the Crunch Tech app does and how it was created. No sign of fast cars and mansions, or sexy women on private yachts. Just the facts.

Crunch Tech Scam Review - Scam Binary Options Review

What Does Crunch Tech Do?

Crunch Tech is a binary options system which was designed around some of the most powerful weather prediction tools available, along with using weather satellites allows them to accurately predict any adverse weather, which in turn would effect the values of say, wheat or even Oil.

Cold winters means using more energy to warm our homes, which in turn pushes oil prices up. Wet or extremely dry summers means crops are spoiled which in turn increases the value of farm produce, which then has another knock on effect and then the price of an average loaf of bread will go up a couple of cents.

All of this eventually makes up for an opportunity to trade and make money. Economies are affected by bad weather and that is where your chance to make a profit comes in.

Crunch Tech Scam Review - Scam Binary Options Review

Does Crunch Tech Work?

This is the question on every ones lips at the moment. There has been quite a buzz about this software since its launch and so far after only 1 day, we have made a small amount of profit. We do not activate auto trade full time, as this really can empty your account in no time, which we have discovered using other systems, our strategy allows u to have at little more controls.

Using an economic calendar and a chart for reference, I will choose my times to activate the auto trade feature, depending on market conditions at the time.

Once I feel the markets are stable enough to trade, I will activate Crunch Tech’s auto trade feature then deactivate it again once it has placed maybe half a dozen trades.

This allows you to keep track of the success rates, and if I’m any less than 4 win out of the 6 trades places, ill stop trading and try again later or maybe the next day.


Final ThoughtsCrunch Tech Scam Review - Scam Binary Options Review

For a good few weeks now we have had nothing but scam after scam. After playing around with Crunch Tech for a few days now we’re liking it more and more.

Very easy to use, it has decent results. A few things were missing was a chart which we would really like to see later maybe as an update, or you can use a 3rd party chart like TrendXpert and load the Crunch tech App, within the TrendXpert app, making a Super Binary Options App, Mwahahahaha. No really, try doing this it really helps if your App doesn’t have charts to reference.


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