BinaDroid Review

Scam Binary Options Review - BinaDroid

BinaDroid Review

Is BinaDroid a scam?


Welcome to our BinaDroid Scam Review. BinaDroid was released spring 2016 and so far has managed to create quite a buzz. We took a step back from it initially, but decided to give it a go based on the good reviews and feedback from other traders.

The home screen looks very nice, but they are obviously using an actor in front of a green screen. In all fairness, the video is designed to match the color scheme of the software, so it’s understandable why they did this.



Scam Binary Options Review - BinaDroidScam Binary Options Review - BinaDroidThere are no scammy pop ups, or the usual fake security award icons you will find on most the obvious scams out there Overall, the homepage has a good vibe.




What You Get

Manual Trading signals are available with a wide range of choice over Currencies, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. Selecting the manual signals is very easy, simply clicking the options loads the candlestick charts, here you can place a trade on these signals by entering the trade amount you wish to invest and the direction you want to trade in.

The Binadroid will suggest what direction the trade should go in and the expiry time you need, and you simply follow its instructions.


BinaDroid has a semi-auto trading option. This allows you to place a trade manually but BinaDroid will decide what to trade on.

You still get to control how many trades the software will place at the same time, and you can choose the expiry time between 60, 180 and 300 seconds.

You can also set your investment level from $5 up to $250.

 Scam Binary Options Review - BinaDroid

BinaDroid Results

We decided to test the BinaDroid App with a €250 deposit and tested out the Auto Trade feature immediately with 2 $5 trades, with 60 second expiry and watched as the both won.

With all the hype about the software, we decided to go all in and placed 2 $100 trades, again with 60-second expiry times. Both trades won. After a couple more successful trades we managed to double our investment in less than 30 minutes of setting up the account.


Manual signals were simple to trade,. The BinaDroid App suggested which direction to place the trade.


Final Thoughts

‘Binadroid has so far lived up to its reputation and is going to be a trading platform we intend on using a lot in the next few weeks. Its so simple and effective I think any trader can benefit from using it.

If you are considering using any binary options trading platform, you should consider BinaDroid.

Scam Binary Options Review - BinaDroid

BinaDroid Alternatives

We’ve tested several products so far, and there are 2 which have given us constant profit.

Option Robot is 100% Automated and offers control like nothing we’ve seen on an auto trade platform before.

10 Day Social Profit is a quick fire manual trading platform which will most definitely get the heart racing and have you sat on the edge of your seat.


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