Auto Trading Robot Review

Auto Trading RobotIs Auto Trading Robot A Scam?

AutoTrading Robot is a new automated binary options trading software. Unlike other automated trading apps available, Auto Trading Robot allows users to select when and what the software is trading. Designed with support and resistance strategies in mind, the software allows you to select an asset and trade it only when it has hit a specific price. A first of its kind and truly the “Holy Grail” of auto trading software.

Why is Auto Trading Robot Different?Auto Trading Robot

ATR was designed for using Support and Resistance strategies. With this in mind, they wanted to create an application which would allow users to control exactly what it traded for them and when. Although not quite 100% automated. ATR allows users to select an asset and choose which direction to trade once it has hit a certain price or strike rate. This means you no longer need to sit and wait in front of your computer screen, waiting for an asset to reach its strike rate. All of this is taken care of for you.

Just select the price and the direction, then just leave it. Once it hits the price you selected the software will trade for you, and keep trading unless the support or resistance line breaks, or you lose a trade. Once a trade is lost, the software will stop trading this asset to avoid any further losses.

What is Support and Resistance?Auto Trading Robot

This is a highest or lowest price that an asset will not go past over a certain time period. Support being the lowest, Resistance the highest price.

This time period could be over the space of minutes, hours, weeks or months. You will find the asset will usually reach this price or strike rate and then quickly reverse back in the opposite direction.

The support and resistance lines are never solid, meaning there is always the possibility of the asset breaking past this price and hitting and new limit. Identifying these lines of support and resistance will give you a clues as to where the asset may pivot again.Auto Trading Robot

Does Auto Trading Robot Work?

We got to play around with the app just before it was launched. It was already past Beta testing at this point and seemed to do exactly what it should do. A little bit of trade knowledge is needed in my opinion. If you have a bit of trade experience and know what S/R is and can spot it. Then this software is going to blow your socks off. The software will do what it says it does, but ultimately its down to you to select when to trade.

Final Thoughts

If you are just starting out, and still haven’t got a clue what support and resistance is after the paragraph above then we can help you with a 1-2-1 training course, specifically designed for this type of trading.

The same company who provide training also provide signals to a Private Facebook group. These signals are also based on support and resistance, which means all you need to do is enter the asset, the price and the direction. Auto Trading Robot will hopefully put an end to a long search. Finally an automated software you can truly rely on.

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