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300 Dollar Trade Scam Review

Is 300 Dollar Trade a scam?

Welcome to our scam review of 300 Dollar Trade.

300 Dollar Trade is brought to us by Jack Emery who is an account manager from Olimp Finance a Binary Options broker.

First ImpressionScam Binary Options Review

Straight away this looks completely different from the many scammy products that we see every day. There is no scammy videos of mansions and fast cars, no ridiculous promises of making you a millionaire.

You do get a short video of Jack Emery Who offers you $300 to help you get started.

There is a live chat support so that you can ask questions on how the software works, which I decided to use.

You do need to make an initial deposit of $300 that they will match, giving you an initial start up balance of $600. I asked how much I was likely to earn, and waited patiently for the ridiculous expected profit of $1000 per day, however I was surprised when he told me that I was looking to earn around $1000 per week initially with their support as they want you to start with lower trades until your confidence is built and then your profit would grow to $2000 -$3000 per week as your trade amount increases.

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300 Dollar Trade Support

On start up you will be appointed an account manager who will guide you through and advise what you should be trading, he will assist you between 10 and 20 minutes per day, he will give you training so that you can learn how to trade independently. There is an automated feature, if you prefer the software to trade for you, however you get to choose what assets you want to trade and the trade amount, so either way you will have control of your money. Any trades placed using the automated feature will be overseen by your account manager and if your trades start to lose he will contact you immediately to discuss an alternative strategy.

You get the platform, account manager and training completely free. What’s in it for them you may ask, well I did! And they get commission on your successful trades, which is pretty standard across all brokers, so nothing shocking there.


The Software

Scam Binary Options Review

The software itself looks awesome. It has a live chart that you can change to whichever you feel more comfortable using, from linear trend to candlestick and more. You can change the view of the chart, from 15, 30 minutes to an hour.

You can choose what assets you want to trade, and you decide the trade amount. You have a choice from Stocks, Commodities, Indices and currencies. It has an economical calendar so that you are aware Scam Binary Options Reviewof upcoming events that will provide trading opportunities.

It has a social trading feature which allows you to replicate someone else’s trades.

It has your trade history so that you can identify the times that are more successful for you and times where you´re not so successful, this is a great tool as a lot of the time when you are trading manually, you put down your 300 Dollar Trade Candle Stick Chartsuccessful trades down to luck, if you know what economic events are giving you success  you can trade around these times, this will minimize your trade time and maximize your profit



Is 300 Dollar Trade a scam? I would have to say no!! There is no typical scammy videos, no false, unrealistic promises of this changing your life and making you a millionaire, It is a simple to use platform that can be adapted to suit you.

The software is great for beginners, to the more experienced trader, with support and training for beginners.

This software looks professional with no gimmicks, how a software should look!!

Scam Binary Options Review

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