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Is 10 Day Social Profits A Scam?

Hi guys, welcome to our review of 10 Day Social Profits. Brought to us by Charles Peterson. A professional trader from London U.K. Charles has put together a new binary options trading platform, focusing mainly on currently pairs although stocks and commodities are available too.

The software is manual trading using the signals from 10 Day Social Profits trading platform.

The 10 Day Social Profits trading platform looks unique which is a good indication the software is legit. Unlike several scams available at the moment using identical templates.

We also couldn’t find this software being advertised on the usual websites, If it wasn’t for an SBOR follower we may have missed it.

10 Day Social Profits Offer

The 10 Day Social Profits trading platform is very basic, and not very good looking at first. But after a while I decided I preferred their decision to focus on a good piece of software, which function properly, and gets good results.

Rather than a platform, that is designed to look good, but actually is a pile of s**t.10 Day Social Profits Support


What does 10 Day Social Profits do?


10 Day Social Profits trades using 60 second or 30 second expiry times. The software alerts you to a “HOT” trade to place, and you can instantly place the trade by clicking on the signal. Once the trade is placed, a marker is shown on the charts at the expiry time, you can watch the live charts, and wait to see if the trade was successful.

10 Day Social Profits manual trading allows you to select any currency pair or other asset and trade instantly. I found this feature very handy when I noticed trends emerging or spikes I could counter trade. This takes a bit more skill, but the signals the software suggested got good enough results.

10 Day Social Profits HOT Signal

Is 10 Day Social Profits Good?

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Its very early days right now and its already started to make us money by following the ”Hot” signals. Within a few hours of using the software, we managed to nearly double our initial balance of 250 Euros. The next few days will gives us a better idea if it can keep it consistent.

Trading with software is fun, and easy. Which makes for a good rush when using it. I found myself hanging over the signal area waiting for it to turn red and indicate a “HOT” trade and placing it instantly. Double clicking also allows you to double up your trade too.


10 Day Social Profits SBOR

10 Day Social Profits Features

The 10 Day Social Profits platform doesn’t offer many customization options or special features.

You can set your trade amount from $5 to $250, which is a nice touch as most brokers only allow $25 minimum. A nice live chart is displayed for each asset by clicking on the list of around 30 options down the left hand side of the page.



We think, based on the results so far, it has got potential to actual make a decent amount of money with.

If you are looking for a trading platform which also gives a good adrenaline buzz while using it then check it out by visiting 10 Day Social Profits website.

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10 Day Social Profit Review Update 20.04.16

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